All the world's a stage 

"La metropolitana è il cardine della vita per un londinese. È un mezzo di trasporto eccellente. Ma se lo guardiamo in modo più profondo? È il mondo intero. 

Abbiamo passato molto tempo nell'underground londinese per compiere il tragitto casa-scuola, e abbiamo osservato uno svariato numero di persone di differenti culture. 

Persone tra loro opposte o più o meno simili, con abitudini diverse, con stili di vita diversi... E proprio in questi momenti è svanito qualsiasi possibile atteggiamento razziale presente in noi, o eventuali pregiudizi legati alla sessualità, allo stile, alle abitudini o al comportamento.

Forse Londra non ci ha fatti crescere solo dal punto di vista linguistico, bensì morale, di accettazione verso gli altri... Ci ha dato l'opportunità di un costante confronto, di una visuale di vita molto più ampia." (Eva Minati)


The classes 3ALS and 3ARI were in London from 14 to 20 February with their teachers Roberta Michelini, Claudio Fedele and myself. Here they attended a 20-hour course of English at the school Language Studies International, ideally located in the very centre of the city, a few minutes away from Trafalgar Square. The 30 students were split in different groups according to their levels and their needs, so some of them did communicative activities in international classes while others worked on grammar and vocabulary for the whole week. “At school I was with people from other countries so I always spoke English.” (Sara Sandri) “It was an exciting experience and we improved our English, especially the speaking. In the school everything was amazing, the staff and the teachers were nice with everybody.” (Francesca Purin)

3ari Trafalgar SquareSightseeing

The students shared rooms and stayed with families in zone 4, travelling by tube to the city centre in pairs and in small groups for about one hour every day. “I’m happy because I never got lost.” (Valentina Motter) A few students were disappointed by the fact that the houses were colder and dirtier than the ones they are used to and that the host families were not ‘pure English’. (I wonder, can you really find London dwellers with an English ‘pedigree’?) But somebody was amused by this incredible diversity. “My host family came from Pakistan and one day their little daughter tried to teach us Chinese numbers, speaking English of course! I’m sure that I learned a lot from this experience as I learned to be like British people who respect each other and enjoy exploring different cultures.” (Elisa Boso) Other students were very lucky with their families. “My family was perfect as they were so kind and nice. They made me feel at home!” (Claudia Floriani)

 Wherefore storms thou soshakespeare's globe

Sometimes the two classes did activities together in the afternoon. On Tuesday they did a drama workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. “Our week in London was great, thanks to the amazing places we visited. One of them is the Globe theatre, an important piece of history. Honestly, it wasn’t as big as I had expected, and the outside wasn’t really exciting, but when I went in I had to withdraw all criticism because inside it was fantastic. We had the chance to learn about Shakespeare, his company and the structure of the theatre and I felt the emotions of the actors of the past. The workshop could have been better but after all it was a beautiful visit.” (Chiara Grego) On Friday they visited the British Museum. “The section about Ancient Greece really struck me: I saw the great decorations of the Parthenon, the major temple of the Acropolis in Athens. I was impressed by these sculptures' size. It was also interesting to discover that, while today everything is white and cold, the Greeks originally painted some parts of these monuments with bright colours, which gave a warm feeling to anyone who was looking at them.” (Elisa Boso)

At the BBC HouseHunting for vynil records in Camden Town

On other days the classes explored the city in two separate groups. On Monday afternoon, 3ARI students were at the BBC Broadcasting House, where they even had the chance to play the role of journalists doing the news and the weather forecast. “I liked the BBC a lot because we could see and understand how they really work in there”. (Chiara Trentin) At the same time, 3ALS students were busy interpreting world-known paintings at the National Gallery. “I saw a lot of famous pictures, in particular I liked ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ by Turner for its mysterious atmosphere”. (Karin Capone) “I loved the painting ‘A Satyr Mourning Over a Nymph’ because I gave it my own interpretation based on feelings”. (Stefano Medaglia) On Wednesday and Thursday 3ALS visited the Science Museum and took a plunge in vibrant Camden Town while 3ARI took loads of pictures at Madame Tussauds Museum and did a boat trip along the Thames.


This was our London experience. “During this week I had the chance to experience what living in a big and chaotic city would be like. I really liked this metropolis for its variety of cultures, the frenzy in the streets, and the wide choice of museums.” (Aurora Fratton) “It is the best school trip that we’ve ever done. We’ll certainly come back to London again because travelling is the best way to learn English”. (Silvia Delucca and Amalia Di Silvio) The main regret? We didn’t have enough time to see everything we wanted to see in the museums and in this stunningly beautiful capital city.


Prof.ssa Giovanna Beber, referente del viaggio a Londra

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